MP investigates three loan sharks for murder

Three loan sharks from Mainland China, aged 29 to 34 years old, have been transferred to the Public Prosecution Office (MP) for further investigation. They allegedly killed their 40-year-old Chinese debtor.

The suspects were charged by the Judiciary Police (PJ) with killing, predatory lending, and organized crime.

The crime was reported by one of the gang who was allegedly overwhelmed with guilt. The Public Security Police Force found and arrested the gang near a hotel in the Outer Harbor area.

The victim borrowed USD50,000 from the three in a casino before losing all money in the following three hours. He was later abducted and taken to a guesthouse in the Praia Grande area where he was beaten several times with leather belts, slippers, and fists over two days. His mouth was covered to stop him screaming for help. Videos of him were taken and sent to his family to threaten them.

The PJ collected evidence at the scene, including the leather belt allegedly used for the beating.

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