MUST to present Tong King Sing biography

The Research Center of Tong King Sing at the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) is preparing to undertake a biographical study into a specific part of China’s modern industrial development centered around Chinese reformer Tong King Sing.

Earlier this week, the center held the first academic seminar on Tong’s biography, with the participation of several researchers from both Macau and mainland China.

The seminar conducted an in-depth discussion on the preparation of the biography, such as the drafting process and the collection of relevant documents.

The research team responsible plans to spend approximately three years completing a manuscript of over 1 million words to fully present the history of China’s modern industrial development in relation to Tong.

Lin Guangzhi is in charge of the center and concluded the seminar by saying that Tong’s biography should comprehensively reflect China’s difficult path to modernization, as well as the Chinese pioneers’ spirit for pursuing national strength and wealth.

Tong is a well-known 19th century Chinese comprador, and was a supporter and practitioner of China’s Self-Strengthening Movement. He has made great contributions to the modernization of China. JZ

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