MUST visits research academy on mainland

Tong Ka Lok (left), Vice President of the Macau University of Science and Technology, presents a souvenir to Zhao Shengliang, the director of the Dunhuang Research Academy

Vice President Tong Ka Lok of the Macau University of Science and Technology led a delegation from the university to visit the Dunhuang Research Academy in Gansu Province of mainland China.

Dunhuang is a city of history and has a rich collection of antique arts and historical culture. The visit mainly focused on the conservation of these precious elements, including that of cultural heritage.

Both parties also discussed cooperation in developing creative and cultural products. In all aspects, the MUST and the research academy have come to a preliminary consensus.

According to a statement, Director Wu Xiaoning of the MUST pointed out that both Macau and Dunhuang are cities recognized by the UNESCO as possessing cultural heritage. In addition, Dunhuang was a key city of the Silk Road, while Macau was key to the Maritime Silk Road.

The Dean of Faculty of Humanities and Arts, Prof. Zhang Zhiqing, expressed his thought that arts students of the university should visit Dunhuang for inspiration on their work, given the city’s richness in history.

During the meeting, a souvenir was presented by Tong to Zhao Shengliang, the director of Dunhuang Research Academy.

Apart from the meeting, the delegation also paid visits to the various historical sites of the city, including the Mogao Caves and the Yulin Caves. These are educational sites in disciplines of religious culture, wall painting restoration, and cave architecture, among other expertise. Staff reporter

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