Mutual recognition of coronavirus-free certificates sparks concern

The mutual recognition of medical certificates from Macau, Hong Kong and Zhuhai declaring individuals free of Covid-19 infections has sparked some concerns among parts of the Macau public.
Earlier this week, Zhuhai’s health authority said that people traveling on a daily basis between Zhuhai and Macau need to carry a medical document certifying that they are not infected with Covid-19. According to the health authority, each document is valid for a period of seven days.
The health authority said that the three bridge-linked cities of Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macau would recognize such certificates issued by certain medical institutions in each of the other cities.
According to Macau’s recent policies, it is understood that Macau has previously recognized some medical certificates concerning Covid-19 issued by the mainland.
Previously, mainland tourists were allowed to enter Macau provided they presented a medical document confirming they were free of Covid-19. The document had to be issued by a “reputable” health authority in mainland China.
The mutual recognition has raised concerns among some in the Macau public about the veracity of such documents issued across the border.
In Zhuhai, seven hospitals are recognized as able to provide Covid-19 tests and issue the documents. The Macau SAR government said it is inclined to accept these as they are “reputable medical organizations.”
Currently, Zhuhai demands such proofs from all mainland residents who enter Zhuhai from Macau. Some Macau local residents are exempt from the policy following communication between the SAR and Zhuhai governments.
Regarding critical frontline workers, the seven-day lifespan of the document is regarded as sufficient for their frequent travel needs between the two cities. JZ

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