Nam Van plan | DSSOPT: Committee members fully express public opinions


Contrary to the one-sided opposing opinions received on the two proposed development plans on Nam Van Lake, Chan Pou Ha, Director of the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) concluded that “the opinions of Urban Planning Committee members have fully expressed those of the society.”
Chan’s comment was made to the press on the sidelines of Wednesday’s committee plenary. She is also the President of the committee.
Her description of committee members as industry professionals or experts in all walks of life justified her conclusion, “no matter how the social discussion went,” she added.
The two proposals have received more than 130 opinion submissions, with many of them asking that the height clearances be restricted rather than asking for the entire plan to be scrapped or for the court houses to be scrapped
Several committee members referred to the “dignity” of the judiciary embodied in a consolidated location for the court, as justification that the new court houses are needed.
On the sidelines of the same occasion, Leong Wai Man, Vice President of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, told the press that for World Heritage sites, there are obvious universal values to be protected.
The church on the Penha Hill, however, is not a World Heritage item. It is only a local heritage piece.
She further explained that the preservation plan focuses on the relationship between land and sea and its embodiment of Macau’s transformation into a city through marine trading.
“The bridge is not a historic object; the sea is,” she added.
Leong defended the fact that the development proposals have not been submitted for the Cultural Heritage Committee’s review, saying “[the proposals] were not a special topic [that are worth discussion at the committee].”
During Wednesday’s plenary, Leong mentioned that the new court houses will not block the view but in the future the sea will not be seen as a whole.

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