New GCS director wants to make communication with press a priority

The new director of the Government Information Bureau (GCS), Inês Chan Lou, says she wants to make maintaining close communication with the press a top priority.
Chan was sworn in as GCS director at an oath ceremony yesterday, presided over by Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng. During the ceremony, Chan said she would serve in the role with dedication and humility, according to a statement issued by the bureau.
Chan pledged to visit local news organizations and journalist associations in order to maintain ties and collect opinions and suggestions.
In addition to promoting closer ties with the media, Chan also said she would increase the use of new technologies and new media platforms at the GCS to promote official information to the press and the public.
Prior to her appointment as GCS director, Chan served as the head of the Licensing and Inspection Department of the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) from 2001. Previous to that role, Chan was also involved in research and planning, information technology, administration and finance at MGTO.
Chan has been a regular panelist at the government’s Covid-19 briefings. Since the briefings began in late January, Chan has attended more than 100 press conferences on behalf of the MGTO. DB

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