New legislature leader expected by Wednesday

A new president for the Legislative Assembly (AL) is to be expected to be decided by the middle of the week. As the law states, a new president should be elected for the legislature within 15 days from the resignation of the previous president.

It was expected that incumbent vice president Chui Sai Cheong, brother of current chief executive, Chui Sai On, would become the next president of the AL without facing competition for the post.

However, Chinese-language newspaper Macao Daily News reports that the Executive Committee’s First Secretary, Kou Hoi In, who is also an indirectly elected lawmaker, has a chance now.

The newspaper  interviewed assistant professor Bruce Kwong Kam Kwan of the University of Macau. Kwong thought it would be beneficial to the AL should a directly elected lawmaker be elected to lead the body, as it can improve public recognition.

However, Kwong thought it was also appropriate for an indirectly elected lawmaker to lead, provided the majority of lawmakers agree.

Kwong considered Chui a suitable candidate, arguing that he would reassure the public of impartiality in the course of the upcoming casino concession negotiations.

On the other hand, Kou’s name has also been put forward in some circles recently.

Kou started his career at the AL in 1991, making him the most experienced existing lawmaker. His work on the Executive Committee has also added to his administrative experience. Staff reporter

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