New Macau has a problem with land reclamation transparency

The New Macau Association (ANM) has issued a statement accusing the government’s process for reclaiming non-developed land plots after their lease expirations as lacking transparency.

The Association takes the example of the land plot concession for the “Ocean World” development in Taipa.

According to the statement the government’s process takes a long time, is often delayed without justification and both the Legislative Assembly (AL) and the public “know very little about it.”

ANM said it had submitted a petition to the AL requesting an investigation into the case of Ocean World in early January. However, that request was refused by AL president Ho Iat Seng, who said an investigation did not fall within the authority of the legislature, adding that such a case needed to be handled by another “competent authority.”

But the reply did not satisfy the New Macau Association.

Speaking on behalf of ANM, member Rocky Chan argued that the “AL has the authority to conduct hearings on matters of public interest and force the government and other people to testify or provide evidence.”

He said it was wrong to suggest that the AL does not have the authority to investigate or follow-up the issue.

Chan accused Ho of “undermining the AL’s authority and power to monitor the current and the future administrations.”

The democrat activist added that Ho appeared to be suggesting to society that the AL was intentionally avoiding sensitive matters.

Closing the statement, ANM notes it is continuing to work with lawmaker Sulu Sou to follow-up on matters related with land reclamation within the AL and in civil society, in order to strengthen the power of the Assembly to monitor government activities. RM

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