New taxi law may create monopoly for recording devices

The city’s new taxi law is suspected of creating a monopoly due to its regulations on the installation of voice recording equipment inside taxis.

During Macau Forum on Sunday, current affairs commentator Fong Nim Seong said that the government’s intention to outsource the equipment installation service to a single company may create a monopoly.

Fong believes that doing so will be beneficial to the government in terms of supervision. However, he hopes that the government will openly communicate with the taxi industry.

Deputy President of the Macau Taxi Association Tai Kam Leong opposed the installation of voice recording devices by a third-party company, stating that the taxi industry can install the devices independently.

According to Tai, the taxi industry disapproves of the government charging MOP10 per day for the maintenance of the equipment. 

In Tai’s opinion, the government can set up the requirements for the equipment, and the taxi industry can install the devices themselves to save time and for the convenience of future maintenance.

A member of the audience, who is a taxi driver, had some doubts about the company’s ability to provide 24-hour maintenance services. JZ

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