New taxi surcharge starts today

Taxi passengers will now face a fee of MOP21 for the initial 1,600 meters of their journeys, following proposals lobbied by taxi groups.

According to the official gazette, from today the new starting fare will be increased from the current MOP19, while instead of covering 240 meters, an extra MOP2 will be levied for every 220 meters traveled thereafter.

Furthermore, there will be slight upward adjustments to other service fees. For each taxi ride, a waiting time of 55 minutes will now cost MOP2, and stowing luggage in the trunk will incur a charge of MOP3 per item.

Effective today, trips from Taipa to Coloane will involve an extra MOP2, while journeys from Macau to Coloane will require an additional MOP5.

If the journey commences from the Macau International Airport, the Taipa Ferry Terminal, the Hengqin checkpoint, or the immigration hall at the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, an extra fee of MOP8 will be imposed. However, if the ride begins from the University of Macau in Hengqin, the charge will be MOP5.

Furthermore, all taxi booking services operating under a special license will levy an additional MOP5, on the condition that the pick-up occurs on time. Staff Reporter

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