Noise report leads to discovery of illegal employment


During the joint press conference held at the Judiciary Police headquarters yesterday, the Public Security Police Force (PSP) revealed that four men accused of working illegally in Macau, had been detained.
The case occurred on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. when a neighbor called the police complaining of construction noise coming from a shop located at the ground floor of a building on Rua do Gamboa.
Arriving at the scene, the officers found three men inside an almost empty commercial store. According to the report, one man was holding a hammer and the other two were using brooms to sweep the place.
The officer then requested that the men provide identification, acknowledging that two of them held work permits (non-resident worker cards) and the third man only had a valid passport with a tourist visa.
After some time, a fourth male arrived at the scene. He informed the police that he had asked for help to clean the store.
According to his testimony, his wife had rented the shop and he had contacted one of the men for assistance to clean the place and get rid of the unwanted contents so that his wife could open the shop for operation.
The man then contacted the other two, claiming that they were his friends, to help with the task.
Although the four men claim to be friends helping each other, the police believe that there is enough evidence to prove that the three men, who are all of Filipino nationality, had been illegally employed by the shop tenant to work in the shop.
The PSP noted that none of the three men were legally allowed to work since two of the men are blue-card holders and employees from different companies, and the third man holds only a tourist status in Macau.
The four men have been sent to the Public Prosecutions Office to be formally accused.

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