Octogenarian tangled in phone scam

The Judiciary Police (PJ) informed yesterday that an 80-year-old local resident has fallen victim to phone scam, leading to a total reported loss of 412,750 yuan (about MOP480,000).

The case occurred on June 26 when the man received a call from someone speaking in Mandarin claiming to be from the police.

In the call, the supposed police officer informed the elderly man that he had been involved in a case of money laundering which occurred in Shanghai and that they would transfer the call to the Shanghai Police. Upon being transferred, a second scammer asked the victim to download a communication application (QQ Messenger) through which he would receive more information.

On July 1, he downloaded the app and was asked to transfer money worth a total of 334,742 yuan to an account in the mainland, which he did.

He was also asked to open a new bank account in the mainland and provide information about this account to the police.

On July 6, he realized that he had been blocked from the user that was communicating with him. Later he verified that the money he had kept in the new bank account (about 78,000 yuan) had also disappeared.

After talking with his family members, he decided to file a complaint at the PJ. RM

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