Official data: Air quality improved in 2015

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Air quality in the Guangdong-­Hong Kong-­Ma-cau area has registered improvements in 2015, as stated in the latest report of the Air Monitoring Network for the Pearl River Delta region.
A statement released by the Environmental Health Bureau (DSPA) yesterday, states that air quality “has been continuously improving.”
The report comprises results obtained by 23 air monitoring stations located in Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macau and which bases results on six major air pollutants: Sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), inhalable particles (IP), ozone (O3), fine particles and carbon monoxide (CO).
According to the findings, the annual average SO2, NO2 and IP observed in 2015 in the Pearl River Delta decreased by 19 percent, 11 percent and 13 percent respectively, when compared to 2014.
As for a 10-year comparison, the results are even more evident registering 72 percent, 28 percent and 34 percent respectively – numbers which are considered “a significant declining trend,” by the DSPA.
The results achieved show that “air quality has improved in general within this area, indicating the measures that have been promoted in recent years for an emission reduction in these three areas were successful,” DSPA states.
On the other hand, the average annual 2015 figure for O3 density recorded a 10 percent increase when compared to 2006, but still it registered a decreased of 7 percent year-­on-year when compared to 2014 results.
In order to further improve air quality, the MSAR government has established a 10-year action plan for the control of air pollution. The so-called “Environmental Protection Planning of Macau (2010-2020)” aims to provide “a series measures against air pollution,” which will be implemented through legislation and measures. The measures will include a ban on the importation of highly polluting vehicles, the implementation of new and more restricted regulations regarding the emission of exhaust gases from motor vehicles as well as fixed sources of air pollutant emissions.

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