Organizers limit noise level | Vruumm vruumm but not too loud

1 MG_0605The Macau Grand Prix (MGP) Committee will finish checking the levels of noise of all entrant vehicles today, to ensure that none of those exceeding the specified noise limits can enter the upcoming races.
For the first time, organizers imposed a control on vehicle noise where the sound produced by the vehicles is limited on average to no more than 115 decibels. Accordingly, checks on the level of noise are included in the regular vehicle checks.
“The noise checks are in accordance with the FIA standard. We set a 115 decibel average noise limit on the Touring Car Championship and the Motorcycle GP, as well as a 110 decibel noise limit on the F3 and the Guia Circuit races,” said Chief Scrutineer Daniel Tam when demonstrating a noise check upon a touring car on Monday.
Mr Tam explained that the noise level is detected when the engines are run to particular revolutions per minute according to the types of vehicles. If the level is over the specified limits, the entrants might not be allowed to race.
“All entrant vehicles must pass the noise check before the qualifying session starts. And after each race finishes, vehicles that played in the round will be checked again. A report will be given to the judge for them to decide the penalties if an entrant fails the noise check,” he added.
On the first day of the vehicle check, about four entrants in the Macau GT Cup and the Macau Road Sport Challenge failed the noise check, where the noise levels they produced were about 5 decibels above the limit.
According to the MGP Committee, the sound levels produced by F3 race cars last year were 122 to 124 decibels on average. The noise control was thus introduced to support environmental initiatives and reduce the disturbance on residents. BY

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