Over 10,000 participated in Fire Services Open Day

Approximately  10,300 people participated the Fire Services (HB) Bureau Open Day on Sunday.

During the Open Day, the bureau held activities, booth games, and a display of rescue and ambulance tools and vehicles used by the Fire Services. It also held performances of simulation rescues and a ‘ladder car ride’ experience.

The participants also had the opportunity to visit the fire service action station and to learn about the other equipment used by firefighters.

In 2018, the HB conducted a total of 801 fire prevention promotional campaigns and distributed nearly 84,000 posters and leaflets. Moreover, the HB also held a total of 218 seminars counting the attendance of over 24,000 people.

The fire service authority has been organizing the Open Day event since 2016, with the aim of deepening understanding and cooperation between local community and the police authority and to broadening the interaction between the HB and Macau residents.

The number of participants has been continuously growing since the launch of the event three years ago, according to the authorities.

This year, the Open Day was altered to accommodate the growing number of visitors. For the first time, the lower level of Sai Van lake was used as the activity area, so that everyone who participated in the event could have a more comfortable experience.

Also Sunday, a ‘Fire Fighting Youth League’ was established.

The bureau hopes that through the establishment of the youth league, members will have the opportunity to receive basic training and experience various activities.

The youth league will serve as a bridge to deepen the scope of the security forces and fire protection work for young people in Macau, according to the HB. JZ

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