Patriotic students write letters to support Wuhan

Three teachers and 19 students of Macau Pui Ching Middle School’s primary school section wrote heartfelt letters to the television program, “Letters From Wuhan”, expressing their love and support for Wuhan and the country at large.
The TV program is a recent televised project put together by Phoenix Channel. The program interviews medical professionals who are currently involved in Wuhan’s epidemic battle, and portrays them as heroes.
In their letters to the program team, Macau primary school teachers and pupils expressed their deep concern and appreciation for the medical professionals.
Choi Iok U, one of the teachers, said she has cried “many times” while watching “Letters From Wuhan”. She hopes that more students can watch the program.
Another teacher, Shi Hongbing, who used to be a teacher in mainland’s Jiangxi Province, said that she learnt that kindness should be the core value of Macau’s education from watching the program.
The students’ letters revealed how they were touched by the interviewees and their concern about Wuhan.
“I welcome you to travel to Macau to experience this diverse little town and feel Macau people’s kindness and passion,” one student wrote to a volunteer in Wuhan.
Another student wrote to a doctor, saying that, “although I am not capable of directly participating in the epidemic battle, I know that being safe at home and studying hard is making a contribution.”

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