Pearl Horizon buyers given one month to buy public house 

Starting from June 17, buyers of the former Pearl Horizon project can apply to purchase the government’s public housing units, according to a dispatch published yesterday in the government’s Official Gazette. The application period lasts until August 16. Those who fail to apply within the time limit will be disqualified. Individuals, couples or joint owners of the previous Pearl Horizon project can purchase one public housing unit. The available area for the replacement can have a difference of up to 5% compared to the previous purchase. The price will be settled according to the original Pearl Horizon contract.

Court rejects Surf Hong appeal

The Court of Second Instance rejected the appeal of Surf Hong Company to suspend a fine totaling MOP11.7 million. Surf Hong Company was fined based on the damage caused to the public by the forced closure of several swimming pools due to a shortage of lifeguards. The company’s proprietor submitted the company’s bank account information, stating that neither his personal assets nor the company’s assets were sufficient to pay the fine, and that the fine will lead to his bankruptcy, which will cause irreparable damages. According to him, his company might lose the contracts for all pools, meaning that his employees would be jobless.

Lawmaker wants better real estate agent training

Lawmaker Song Pek Kei has asked the local government to review the on-the-job training content for real estate agents. In her written inquiry to the government, Song pointed out many problems in the local real estate market, including illegal guesthouses. In Song’s opinion, Macau’s current training of real estate agents lacks knowledge on illegal guesthouses. Song wants the inclusion of identification knowledge training and also for the government to enhance communication with the real estate industry so as to protect residents’ interests and rights.

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