PJ arrest three for suspected illegal currency exchange

During ‘Operation Thunder,’ the Judiciary Police (PJ) detained three people from the mainland suspected of engaging in illegal currency exchange activities. The three people were detained on Sunday in a casino in Cotai.

According to the PJ, the trio has been handed over to the Immigration Department of the Public Security Police Force for further proceedings.

Throughout the operation, a total of 128 people were detained and questioned by the police.

Illegal currency exchange has been identified as a priority for the security forces, according to the Security Chief. This is not only due to the implications of the crime itself but also because it is often linked to other forms of violent criminal activity, including murder and aggravated bodily harm offenses.

Illegal currency exchange activities are a type of crime that is closely associated with the gaming industry. It arises from the enforcement of regulations prohibiting mainland residents from withdrawing cash from Macau ATMs unless they are an account holder. This is verified through the so-called ‘KYC’ (Know Your Client) system, installed in all ATMs. The KYC system requires presentation of a Chinese Identity Card as well as facial recognition of the ATM user. RM

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