Police arrest man accused of raping neighbor

The Judiciary Police (PJ) arrested one man under the charge of rape, the PJ reported during a press conference yesterday.
The suspect is a 20-year-old mainland man from Guangdong who works in Macau as an electrical technician. The victim is a local woman in her 30s.
They live in the same five-
storey building on Rua da Praia do Manduco, but in different units. The suspect has lived in the apartment for three years. The two are not familiar with each other except for being acquainted as neighbors.
On the evening of April 4, the suspect knocked on the victim’s door to ask her about how to operate his washing machine. The victim did not answer but the suspect saw her inside, wearing her pajamas, through a window.
The suspect allegedly entered the house through the window, armed with a cleaver knife, which he used to threaten the victim while raping her. The victim tried to call for help but failed.
After the rape, afraid that the victim would report the crime to other people, the suspect allegedly took her to his apartment imprisoning her there. However, during this process, the victim started screaming and fighting, and successfully attracted the attention of her neighbors downstairs.
The neighbors saw the situation and intervened to save the woman. During the confrontation with the neighbors, the suspect sustained an injury to his right foot and fled the scene.
The victim reported the case to the police authority.
The suspect went to the house of his relatives, who also live in Macau. His relatives persuaded him to turn himself in. Four hours after the crime, at 2 a.m. in the morning of April 5, the suspect returned to his apartment where he was arrested by police officers waiting for him.
If convicted, the man will be sentenced three to 12 years in prison. The case is now with the prosecution authority. JZ

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