Police shut down MOP2,000 jaywalking fine rumor

Messages spread on social media claiming that the police are taking a tougher stance on jaywalking by punishing violators with a fine of MOP2,000, were found to be false yesterday.

In response to an enquiry by the Times, the Public Security Police Force (PSP) denied the fine amount, saying that the legal fine remains MOP300.

The Times received images sent over social media this week supposedly showing that the PSP is “starting” spot checks on roads, and will apply heavy fines to pedestrians illegally crossing roads.

Pursuant to Articles 68 and 70 of the “Road Traffic Law,” pedestrians are required to cross roads at specific facilities. A failure to do so will incur a MOP300 fine. As the law has not been changed recently, the provision is still in effect.

Meanwhile, pursuant to Article 103 of the same law, drivers failing to give way to pedestrians crossing roads, regardless the existence of crossing facility, may be punished up to a maximum fine of MOP2,500. Repeat violators can be fined a maximum of MOP5,000 and banned from driving for two to six months.

The online message’s claim about a potential MOP2,000 punishment is incorrect.

The PSP has been carrying out spot-
checks at various locations and on several dates, with the latest starting on June 3. Some 31 jaywalkers were prosecuted in the time between then and now.

However, using mobile phones while driving and not fastening seatbelts are more prevalent problems, with many more cases recorded during the same period. Staff reporter

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