Police: Videos of people collapsing unrelated to coronavirus

The Public Security Police Force (PSP) has clarified, in a written reply to the Times, that the series of videos published on social media platforms showing people falling to the ground in Macau are unrelated to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.
According to a PSP spokesperson, the videos of a “man fallen on the street near the Vasco da Gama Garden and a woman who fell at the Border Gate, were both due to excessive drinking and not due to sickness.”
The PSP also advises residents to follow the latest updates related on the disease through the official webpage created by the Health Bureau.
Over the past week, several videos and photos have surfaced on social media showing people suddenly collapsing on sidewalks or roads, appearing to lose consciousness. Netizens who shared the video clips said that they feared these incidents were related to untreated infections of the novel coronavirus. RM

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