Police warn about surveillance camera hacking threat

A group of international hackers has threatened to attack Internet Protocol surveillance cameras across the People’s Republic of China on February 13, the Judiciary Police (PJ) warned in a statement.
The PJ noted that it learned of the threat from intelligence shared by the mainland’s Information Technology and Security Test and Evaluation Center.
Due to advancements in mobile technology, more people are choosing to set up surveillance cameras in their houses to monitor their home security. This requires the cameras to be equipped with internet connectivity, which exposes them to potential cyberattacks.
For extra protection, the PJ recommends that users do not connect their cameras to the internet. Otherwise, firewalls or virtual private network technology should be used to better ensure cyber security.
Access or login by password should be activated. The password should be personalized and changed regularly. Predictable password combinations, such as birthdate and names, should be avoided.
The PJ recommends that camera users regularly update operating systems and security software running behind the camera to better protect their privacy. Manufacturers normally issue regular updates to fix system loopholes or eliminate “bugs” as they are discovered.
Finally, it is recommended that a system diary or log be activated to maintain a digital footprint of any access, which will also record any suspicious access, if it occurs. AL

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