Police: White powder found across city not responsible for dead cats

Public Security Police Force (PSP) has ruled out the suspicion that cats have been killed by white powder scattered across the city over the past two days.
Such powder was seen being spread throughout various districts in Macau on the morning of February 28, while in the afternoon a dead cat was seen lying next to the white powder on the staircase of an industrial building on Avenida de Venceslau de Morais.
The next day, white powder was spotted on Avenida do Ouvidor Arriaga in the morning and a dead cat was found near Fai Chi Kei in the afternoon.
An autopsy by the Municipal Affairs Bureau found that the cat lying in the industrial building was not poisoned to death. On the other hand, the cat found near Fai Chi Kei died from a fall. The bureau discovered that the owner had not, as required by the law, installed window obstructions.
Later, the PSP identified that some of the white powder was scattered by a man conducting an urban orienteering activity. He was fined for littering.
As for the origins of the other white powder, it was either leftover by a food manufacturing factory or furniture relocation workers.
This year, the PSP started investigating two out of 29 discoveries of dead animals. AL

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