Policy Research Bureau ‘functioning normally’

The deputy director of the Policy Research and Regional Development Bureau said that the department continues to operate normally and with a positive environment, notwithstanding a letter released last week accusing its chief of unlawful practices.

With regards to the complaint filed with the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC), deputy director Ung Hoi Ian said that the bureau has not been impacted by the complaint.   

To the media, Ung also noted that the Bureau has not received any information or notice from the CCAC regarding a possible investigation, adding that if this occurs, the department would fully cooperate with the authorities.

Questioned about the absence of the director of the Bureau, Mi Jian, at a symposium held yesterday, the deputy director denied that his absence had anything to do with the case. Ung said that Mi could not attend the symposium due to the need to receive a delegation from the Greater Bay Area, which is visiting Macau at the same time. RM

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