Population stood at around 680,000 in Q1

The city’s population in the first quarter (Q1) of this year dropped to 682,500, the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) announced.
In the previous quarter, the city had 600 more people.
The gender balance across Q1 was 53.2% female (363,400) to 46.8% male (319,100). Year-on-year comparison against the same quarter in 2020 showed that the female proportion went up a slight 1%, as last year, there were 696,100 in the city. “The increment was driven by an increased number of non-resident workers living in Macau as some of those initially living outside Macau moved back to the city before the latest entry restrictions took effect on 20 February,” the DSEC explained in the statement issued last year.
As such, the drop of the population recorded in the first quarter of this year may very likely be related to the departure of non-resident workers.
There were 189,518 non-resident workers in the first quarter of last year. By comparison, the same quarter this year saw only 173,113 of these workers in Macau.
A total of 1,173 live births were recorded in the first quarter of 2021. Male babies totaled 650 and the sex ratio at birth stood at 124.3, corresponding to 124.3 male babies per 100 female babies.
The mortality figure was 586 in the first quarter. The top three underlying causes of death were neoplasms (222), diseases of the circulatory system (163) and diseases of the respiratory system (99). AL

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