‘Portuguese judges will come according to our needs,’ says MP

The number of judges to be hired from Portugal and the timeline for the relevant contracts will be determined by the Public Prosecutions Office (MP) according to local needs, Prosecutor-General Ip Son Sang told the media yesterday.

According to Ip, the hiring of magistrates from Portugal “is ongoing work from the MP that will mediate between Macau and Portugal,” and is always done in a manner that maintains good relations between the parties.

“We are going to hire magistrates [from Portugal] according to the number of those needed,” Ip remarked.

Questioned on the participation of the local MP in the case involving former Portuguese banking institution Banco Espirito Santo (BES), the Prosecutor-General acknowledged that the proper procedures of due diligence were being followed in Macau in accordance with the judiciary cooperation agreements existing with Portugal.

Ip noted that the role of the MP was to facilitate certain investigative processes, such as searches that needed to be done locally, and confirmed that these activities conformed with the long-standing agreements between the judiciary authorities of both parties. RM

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