Recalling Hato: Netizens worry about latest typhoon

Avenida da Amizade as seen this afternoon

Several residents have expressed their fears and worries on social media platforms about typhoon Mangkhut, recalling the aftermath of the deadly typhoon Hato last year.

Several social media users said they had already laid preparations for basic necessities by the middle of last week, reminding their fellow netizens to prepare for the “monster typhoon.”

Amateur videos of flooding were posted online today, particularly in the vicinities of the Inner Harbor Area, Ilha Verde and Rua Cinco de Outubro.

Some netizens worry that the effect of the typhoon will be worse than last year’s, noting power outages that have occurred in some residential buildings in the Inner Harbor vicinity.

“We are already worried as there are floods down our place and it has been two hours since we [have lost] electricity. It is so hot and we could not open our doors due to the intense wind,” a resident who lives in that area told the Times.

“We’ve already lost electricity and water levels are high. I have to save my phone’s battery,” said another.

Many mainland tourists have expressed their sentiment on Weibo, with some saying, “Hato has made Macau people scared.”

“I am also trapped in Macau. [The] hotel closed the doors and does not allow people to go out.”

“If I did not experience this myself, I will never [know] how strong the wind is in Macau. Feels like the whole building is shaking. So terrifying,” said another.

Meanwhile, many are also commending the city’s officials, in particular the firemen and relevant authorities, for ensuring safety in the neighborhood.

The South China Morning Post has created a “Typhoon Mangkhut” Facebook page for Hong Kong residents to post videos of the effects of the typhoon.

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