Renovation of two wet markets to start next year: IAM

The renovations of the Almirante Lacerda Municipal Market, also known as the Red Market, and Horta da Mitra Municipal Market, will commence next year, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) confirmed.
Earlier, lawmaker Lei Cheng I filed a written query, regarding the concrete timeframe of the long-overdue restoration projects of the two local wet markets.
In response to Lei, José Maria da Fonseca Tavares, president of the Administration Council at the IAM, stated in a written reply that the innovation groundworks of the of Red Market has already been finalized, while the works for Horta da Mitra Municipal Market are in the planning stage.
The renovations of the two-story Shali Tou Wet Market, which would act as a stand-in for Red Market during its facelift, have also been completed.
Tavares stated the authorities have been closely communicating with involved hawkers to ensure a smooth relocation.
Locals have been expressing concern about the dire conditions of the Horta da Mitra Municipal Market which has not yet been equipped with an air-conditioning system. The IAM invited tenders to bid for the renovation works at the market in March 2020. However, the process was suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
The overdue overhaul means that locals need to endure the heat whilst shopping at the Horta da Mitra Municipal Market at least until next year. HT

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