Residential | 91% of Iao Hon residents in favor of rebuilding housing estates

Residents of old residential buildings in Iao Hon are in favor of rebuilding the housing blocks, a survey conducted by the Macau Urban Renewal Limited (MUR) shows.
On supporting the redevelopment of the estate, 91% of the 647 owner-occupiers of residential units interviewed supported redevelopment, with 8.97% saying they did not support it, had no comments, did not know or refused to answer. Meanwhile, 78.5% of the 84 owner-occupiers of non-residential units interviewed supported redevelopment, with 21.5% saying they do not support or did not giving a clear answer.
Residents at the estate were mostly tenants.
Based on the research study and through different channels and methods, MUR has contacted about 55% of the estate’s property owners.
Meanwhile, over 70% of the owner-occupiers of residential units interviewed reported “peeling of the external walls (75.6%)”, “waste everywhere (73.3%)”, “too many trespassers (71.1%)” and “too many non-resident workers (71.1 %)”. Almost 80% of owner occupiers of residential units interviewed said they hoped there will be community facilities such as parks, wet markets, supermarkets, bus stops and banks in the area after redevelopment.
The research study covered all 2,556 residential and non-residential units at Iao Hon Estate, which includes seven blocks: Hong Tai House, Kat Cheong House, Son Lei House, Heng Long House, Mau Tan House, Man Sau House and Seng Yee House. LV

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