Residents with travel history must take NAT

People with residence, or a history of travel to, a foreign country within the last month, or people who have been infected with Covid-19 in the last three months, are required to take a single sample test using nucleic acid testing starting from August 1.

The mandate comes as the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre indicates that it is more common for people with residence or travel history to a foreign country to have a previous history of the virus, and that a certain number of people who have recovered from Covid-19 have tested “re-positive” repeatedly in nucleic acid tests for Covid-19.

Single sample tests can be conducted at the following locations: Kiang Wu Hospital Auditorium, Macau University of Science and Technology Gymnasium, Qingmao Port.

A walk-in service is available at Conde de São Januário General Hospital.

It is reiterated that people with relevant residence/travel history or infection history in the database of the Health Bureau will be prompted in the booking system; while people who do not have a record in the system, but have relevant residence/travel history or infection history, “must take the initiative to explain their status to the NAT examiner,” the center stated. LV

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