Retail | Designers claimed not to work for Miniso


Several European designers who were advertised by Miniso as part of its workforce (Miniso claimed to have 7 designers in total, including one Japanese), claimed not to have designed any products whatsoever for the company, according to a report by HK01.
Swedish designer Ola Giertz, said that he has never designed anything for the company. Norwegian designers Jonas Ravlo Stokke and Oystein Austad admitted that they had been contacted by Miniso before. Austad said that when he reached an agreement with Miniso, after he sent the contract between him and the company back to China, the contract was returned to Europe, and that Miniso did not reply to his emails questioning the reasons behind this action.
Denmark designer Philip Bro Ludvigsen was reportedly contacted by Miniso in 2014. He offered some of his sketches to the company as a portfolio, and Miniso paid him for doing so. He noted that he does not consider Miniso to have done anything that could be categorized as breaking contract. However, he said “it’s not nice of them to do so,” referring to the fact that his name and image were advertised as part of Miniso’s team of designers.
There are currently 15 Miniso stores in Hong Kong and four in Macau.

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