Rosário says customers should assess CTM

Derby Lau and Raimundo do Rosário

The Secretary for Transports and Public Works, Raimundo do Rosário, said yesterday that it is up to CTM customers to assess if the discount announced by the telecommunications company to compensate customers for the lack of service during the latest blackout was sufficient. “It is always very subjective to say that is enough or not. It was an effort that CTM did [to compensate the customers] now it is up to the customers to say if is enough or not.” Rosário was speaking to the media on the sidelines of the ceremony commemorating the telecom day held at the Macau Tower.

CTM announced that around 55,000 customers would be compensated in their June internet bill with a discount of 15 percent. It was estimated that the blackout that occurred on April 18 affected a total of around 30,000 internet clients from the company.

Director of the Macau Post, Derby Lau, updated journalists on the status of the investigation initiated by the telecom regulator to monitor the company’s responsibility in relation to the case. “An enquiry is ongoing at the moment with a conclusion expected for the end of this month [May],” she said, adding, “and then [according to the results of the enquiry] we will have a final decision on the matter.”

Yesterday, Raimundo do Rosário decided to postpone his replies on cases related to the other departments he supervises until the plenary session of the Legislative Assembly (AL) that he will attend next week. Roasário was called to comment on the latest information provided by the Secretary for Administration and Justice, Sonia Chan; Chan acknowledged this week at the AL that the problems encountered in the hiring of staff for the Cultural Affairs Bureau do not happen in all government secretaries.

“Today is the telecom day and I would appreciate if you could ask questions on the telecom topic. Furthermore next week I will go to the [Legislative] Assembly as I have spoken enquiries [to reply to], so next week we will have the opportunity to talk on other topics,” he said when questioned about the topic of the hiring of staff under the Secretary of Transports and Public Works.

Telecom Day celebrated under the motto ‘Big Data for mega impact’

To celebrate the Telecom Day 2017, the Macau Post (DSC) held a ceremony to announce that this year the topic will be – “Big Data for mega impact”. This is defined by the International Telecommunication Union as the purpose to advance and inform people on how the implementation of Big Data and use of this resource can be the “engine of development,” said the director of the DSC, Derby Lau, during the opening speech.

Lau highlighted the capabilities of such data to enhance quality of life through “raising the capacity of the government and companies in taking decisions, perfecting procedures, as well as future opportunities perception.”

The DSC has invited a panel of specialists from Hong Kong and Macau to address the topic, clarify areas of uncertainty and improve the exchange of information, especially between the two regions.

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