Sabrina Ho believes Macau has potential for art auctions

Sabrina Ho, founder of Chiu Yeng Culture Limited, believes that Macau is a potential market for art auctions, she told the media this week on the sidelines of the opening ceremony for the Third Art Auction of Poly Macau at the Grand Lisboa Macau.

“Macau is a potential market, and there are many young collectors who are interested in c  ollecting art pieces from Japanese or Korean artists,” said Ho.

When speaking about the Third Art Auction of Poly Macau, Ho, who is also the co-founder of Poly Macau, expressed her excitement.

“I’m excited about every single piece of course. This is probably our most focused one, because it is the first time that [we’ve had] Western art in Poly Auction in Macau. We have focused on more Japanese and Korean artists, especially on young artists and figures, which we have discovered [among] these younger collectors are popular trends right now, so we are trying to focus and bring a new trend into the auction market.”

According to Ho, the entry requirements for the auction are being reduced in Macau.

“I think that is what we aim for and that there will be more people who want to come to a hotel, not for leisure, but we hope that people will actually come to see the art pieces and feel like that they could be part of it,” said Ho. “So it won’t be just going through an exhibition anymore.”

Hosted for the first time at the Grand Lisboa, the auction was organized to create more opportunities “not just for the hotel at the market but also for the collectors.”

“We hope the Art Auction of Poly Macau is not just the best in Macau, but will eventually bring Macau more of an international status in the art world, which I think is the direction that the whole of Macau is aiming for, and we just hope that we can be part of it,” said Ho.

A total collection of 200 art pieces is available at the auction.

The previous two Art Auction of Poly Macau events recorded over HKD415 million in total sales.

Ho expects this year’s sales to exceed HKD200 million.

The auction includes modern and contemporary art, Chinese paintings, calligraphy, jewels and prestige collections.

Artworks from Paul Gauguin, Chu The-Chun, Wu Guanzhong, Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami are available for collectors to buy. 

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