Sands China | All That’s Gold Does Glitter

Prosperity, Caroline Cheng [left]; Chrysanthemum, Vipoo Srivilasa [top right]; Fossil Egg, Makoto Komatsu [right]

Sands China’s ‘All That’s Gold Does Glitter – An Exhibition of Glamorous Ceramics’ features over 90 ceramic masterpieces from outstanding contemporary ceramic artists representing 13 different countries and regions. It is the largest and highest-level ceramic art exhibition held in the Greater Bay Area in 2019.

The exhibition was curated over the course of 10 months by internationally renowned ceramic artist Caroline Cheng, who convened a meeting of 27 fellow artists from all over the world, including herself, to create ceramic works under the theme of ‘All That’s Gold Does Glitter’ – a nod to Sands China’s name in Chinese, “Golden Sand.”

“With 2019 being a celebratory year marking the Macau SAR’s 20th anniversary and Sands Macao’s 15th anniversary, Sands China is very pleased to support the inaugural “Art Macao” with this exhibition,” said Dr. Wilfred Wong, president of Sands China Ltd. “Our company understands the importance of culture and arts, and we are excited to have an internationally renowned artist of Ms. Cheng’s calibre curate this unique exhibi-tion for us. We hope the exhibition can help promote Macau’s cultural and creative in-dustries, and inspire local Macau artists in their personal and professional creative endeavours.”

With China being the birthplace of porcelain, Sands China selected it as the exhibition’s featured art form in homage to Macao’s rich history as a vital center in the global ceramics trade. Macau was an important hub in the Maritime Silk Road, as testified by the many fragments of 16th and 17th century Kraak porcelain still buried on the coast. The powerful connection between ceramics and Chinese and Macanese civilization made it an ideal choice for Sands China’s exhibition.

In addition, the exhibition is loaning four of its feature works to the Macao Museum of Art for display in “Art Macao” main exhibition: Jason Walker’s intricately illustrated Wildflowers, Trudy Golley’s illuminated Great Wave, Vipoo Srivilasa’s whimsical Plantimals, and Cheng’s own strikingly beautiful butterfly dress Prosperity, embroidered with porcelain butterflies and glazed with real gold. Variants of the dress are displayed around the world, including the British Museum, the National Museum of China and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, among others.

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