Sands China co-organizes family activity

Sands China Ltd. and the Sheng Kung Hui Social Service Coordination Office have organised a parent-child colouring contest, aimed at enhancing parent-child interactions while schools are closed during this time.
Around three hundred families received picture book gift kits donated by Sands China Ltd. and Sheng Kung Hui in March as part of a coronavirus prevention themed contest, the gaming operator said in a statement.
The Parent-Child Picture Book Gift Kit Program distributed storybooks, educational games, and infection prevention items to local families.
Local families who use the services at the Sheng Kung Hui’s Social Service Coordination Office were selected to participate in the program. Single parents, children with special learning needs, and families with special parenting needs were prioritized.
“We hope this contest helps give children a meaningful activity to engage in during their time at home during the epidemic prevention period, while reminding us all to remain united in the fight against the coronavirus,” said Dr. Wilfred Wong, president of Sands China Ltd.

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