Sands China employees take the ‘clean plate challenge’ for fifth year

Sands China employees completed the Clean Plate Challenge between May 27 and 29, marking the fifth year in a row the company has held the sustainability campaign.

The three-day activity challenged employees at the company’s staff dining rooms to take only what they would eat and turn in a clean plate – a challenge that was completed a total of nearly 66,000 times.

An initiative of the Sands ECO360 global sustainability strategy, the Clean Plate Challenge sought to encourage employees to reduce food waste and inspire them to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

This year’s campaign added the message of “eat healthy, eat with no food waste,” and shared information on healthy diet habits with team members.

The company’s food and beverage team supported the initiative by preparing meals with less sugar, salt and oil, and with a sample plate on display featuring the ideal proportion of grains, protein, fruit and vegetables for optimum health. Information was also given on healthy food preparation methods such as steaming, blanching and baking.

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