Sands Gallery exhibition features veteran Chinese artist Fang Lijun

Sands China launched its latest art exhibition, Fang Lijun Ceramic Works Exhibition, as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to the diversification of art and culture in the SAR.

Aiming to provide a platform for promoting extensive exchange and cooperation among local and international art talent, the exhibition presents nearly 60 works of art from Fang Lijun, an internationally sought-after artist known as one of the Four Giants of Chinese contemporary art.

The exhibition theme, “Bone of the Bone, Flesh of the Flesh,” is inspired by the story of God creating Eve with one of Adam’s ribs, and examines the idea that bones and flesh are the origin of life and looks at their connection with the process of creation.

Fang said: “Artistic creation centres around humanity, without a fixed standard. I have used ceramic as the medium to imitate the physical layers of the human body, thereby initiating broader and more direct representations of life through lifelike ceramics.”

Fang is a pioneer of China’s “Post-1989 New Art Movement,” “Rascal Culture,” and “China Pop.” Over the past decade, he has continuously experimented with different materials, media, visual effects and artistic forms, applying them in projects like ceramic installations, ink paintings, videos and outdoor public artworks.

Fang Lijun Ceramic Works Exhibition is open for public viewing daily at Sands Gallery with free admission, May 17-June 24, 11 a.m.-7 p.m., on the 6th floor of The Grand Suites at Four Seasons.

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