Seac Pai Van light rail construction delayed due to tender cancelation

The SAR government has decided to revoke the tender for the construction of the Seac Pai Van Line of the Light Rapid Transit due to an obvious discrepancy in budget and time frame between the tender proposals and official requirements.
This bodes ill for the project as the start of construction is likely to face impediments for some time.
The Infrastructure Development Office (GDI) announced the decision in a statement published yesterday morning (May 20).
“After analysis, it is believed that the bidding amount and construction period proposed by the tenderers are obviously low, and are not in line with the timetable for the installation of driving system, as stipulated in the tender document,” the GDI stated in the release.
It is believed that such a significant discrepancy will cause “serious overspend and overtime.”
“Considering public interests and the extremely unreasonable proposed construction period, the SAR government decided to cancel this tender and will re-invite the tender for the project within a short period of time.”
The government started to invite tenders for the construction of Seac Pai Van Line in July last year and had received a total of 10 submissions.
According to the statement, the GDI has set the works to optimize the station’s design into motion, with a view to effective cost-control and use of space at the station.

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