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Seafood stories 

The Manor latest Stories of the Sea edition, The Eleventh Chapter, has launched. The six-course menu crafted by Executive Sous Chef Michele Dell’Aquila showcases the extravagant array of seasonal ingredients, enticing the palate with exceptional flavor and texture.

To start, Kyoto King Crab from Japan is served with carrot, beetroot yuzu and Amarelli licorice sorbet. The combination of ingredients gives contrast to the inherent richness and sweetness of the king crab and refreshes the palate.

For the next course, Sicilian Red Prawn is topped with stracciatella and almond panna cotta, cherry blossom and Calvisius Royal caviar; followed by the Boston Lobster dashi and Jerusalem artichoke soup served with green asparagus. To impart a rich yet delicate flavor to the Boston lobster, Chef Michele’s infused coffee to the Jerusalem artichoke, giving a layered flavor profile to the dish.

[On top] Boston lobster with Jerusalem artichoke and coffee [bottom left] Kyoto king crab with beetroot yuzu and Amarelli licorice [bottom right] Pinched agnolotti with Ligurian scampi and crustacean sea urchin sauce

[On the left] Sicilian red prawn with stracciatella and almond panna cotta and caviar [on the right] Smoked Mediterranean turbot with garden leek and farm potato

Dive deeper into your culinary journey with Pinched Agnolotti served with Ligurian scampi, crustacean sea urchin sauce and Smoked Mediterranean Turbot dressed with Maître d’hôtel butter, garden leek and farm potato. Both promising to satisfy your taste buds with their robust natural sweetness and seasonal flavors.

For dessert, Chocolate Millefeuille – a Valrhona chocolate mousse with chestnut, Tonka bean, and mango jelly is a feast to the eyes and senses, a perfect conclusion to an exceptional meal. 

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