Second pretender: Businessman Leong Kuok Chao announces candidacy for CE  

Leong Kuok Chao 梁國洲

Businessman Leong Kuok Chao announced this morning (Friday) that he will run in this year’s election for Chief Executive (CE),  Chinese media reported.

Leong, 45, who is a director of an investment consultancy company, made public his decision after prayers at Pau Kung Temple.

He is the second self-declared candidate for the CE position after Ho Iat Seng.

According to Ou-Mun Tin Toi, the candidate showed confidence in obtaining enough nominations from the CE Electoral Committee members (min 66 of 400) to become an official candidate.

He also told reporters that he is now establishing his campaign office as well as the campaign team.

Social affairs such as housing and transportation are the most pressing issues for him and Macau residents, Leong added.

Leong Kuok Chao isn’t a novice to political elections. In 2005, he ran for the legislative elections in a list named Macau Association for Democracy and Social Welfare (ADBSM) lead by Wong Cheong Nam – a former lawmaker and ally of late Alexandre Ho – which earned 4,358 popular votes, but failed election.

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