Secretary Rosário: Too busy to make progress on land auction

The transport and public work sector “could not make it” in progressing with land auctions, Secretary Raimundo do Rosário for the sector said yesterday.

The senior official has asked that society “give him more time” while responding to a question on the sidelines of a government event.

“It won’t be too long,” he said. “But it won’t be within days – maybe in some weeks or even months.”

“The idea came out last year, but we couldn’t make it. I hope this year we can,” the official added.

He did not reveal the location of the first land plot to be auctioned but said the press does know.

It was not the first time the official justified his team’s slow progress by saying it was “busy and not able to make it.” He once used the same reason to explain the same problem, but in a different area, to a parliamentary plenary.  AL

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