Secretary Wong convenes Civil Protection

The Secretary for Security, Wong Sio Chak, held a meeting yesterday to discuss the response mechanism in place to address typhoon Barijat and especially in response to the upcoming super typhoon Mangkhut, the Government Information Bureau said in a statement.

The meeting, at which 29 representatives of the structure of the Civil Protection were present, as well as a representative of the garrison of the People’s Liberation Army, discussed current information on the storms, as well as the latest forecast for the super typhoon, with Wong noting that efforts relating to the disclosure of accurate information should be prioritized in order to “address quickly … the [spreading] of rumors.”

On another topic, the Secretary noted the need to ensure the access of the population to basic needs such as water, electricity and communication, calling on the members of the Civil Protection to be alert and able to provide a prompt response, especially in cases where the evacuation of people from low-lying areas is required.

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