Security service outsourcing is temporary, says IC

Cultural Affairs Bureau chief Mok Ian Ian said yesterday that the IC is implementing a temporary tender method for its security service until the end of this year.

Earlier this week, lawmaker Au Kam San wrote an inquiry to the local government asking about the recent outsourcing of IC’s security services which had avoided an open public tender.

“The IC’s security services are outsourced based on seven different categories. Security services to different locations, such as schools and other locations have been outsourced separately,” Mok explained.

“We have already planned that, starting from the beginning of next year, all of these security services will be organized into one and therefore outsourced as one,” said Mok.

According to Mok, in the second half of 2019, due to the expiration of all of the aforementioned security service contracts, the IC decided to outsource its security services through a temporary method which is based on a computerized lucky draw.

The outsourcing of the services will finish by the end of this year. JZ

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