Septuagenarian plunges to death at Fai Chi Kei

75-year-old local resident plunged to his own death in the Fai Chi Kei area on the evening of April 12 in case of suicide.

According to the information available, the Judiciary Police (PJ) indicated that the evidence collected supports the classification of suicide.

The man, living only in the company of a domestic helper hired by his family to help take care of him, had previously shown signs of intending to end his life, the helper said to the PJ in her testimony.

Upon hearing this, the man’s grandchildren pledged to spend more time caring for him.

On the evening of April 12, the man told the helper that he wanted to walk a little outside the house and get some air. He left alone and went, as was his habit, to stand by the waterfront.

On that evening the family was alerted by the shouts of passersby, who claimed to have seen the man jumping into the water.

One of the grandsons rushed to his aid and tried to find him with the help of a floatation device placed in that area in case of emergency, while the Fire Services (CB) were called.

After the unsuccessful attempt from the grandson to locate his relative, the man was found only a few minutes later by the CB operation. After being recovered from the water, the man was taken to the public hospital still alive, but in a very weak condition.

He eventually passed away in the early hours of April 14 due to the injuries he sustained.

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