Sérgio Correia running for president of Lawyers Association

Sérgio de Almeida Correia

Lawyer Sérgio de Almeida Correia announced moments ago his candidacy for President of the Lawyers Association (AAM).

The veteran barrister made his bid public during a press conference held at his office this evening (Friday).

The current president Jorge Neto Valente said recently in an interview with Radio Macau that “the time has come for a total renovation of the AAM’s board,” hinting he is not wanting to run for another mandate. Valente has been at the helm of the barrister’s association for decades.

Almeida Correia, who holds a PhD in political science, has been regularly in the public eye with sharp comments on politics and legal affairs both on his blog and as a commentator for Radio Macau’s Contraponto talk show. He also often offers his comments and critical views to the local press, including the Macau Daily Times.

Correia made a 16 bullet point declaration at the press conference that ended with a commitment to rigor, competence and transparency of the legal profession.

“I want an Advocacy with no conflicts of interest; one which fulfills its social responsibility. I want a loyal, forthright and courageous legal practice. A rigorous practice and accountable to citizens.

“Because this is the way that women and men are free. And it is with these [principles] that a serious and respected legal community is built. In any language. In any part of the World. In Macau as well.”

The elections for the AAM board will be held in the first fortnight of December. The deadline for list submission is October 31.

In the previous elections vote participation rate was over 50 percent or about 200 votes cast.

As of today Sérgio de Almeida Correia is the only candidate for the post.

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