Shop found to be selling medicines without license

A shop located in a local mall has been caught selling medicines without a license issued by the health authority, according to a statement released by the Health Bureau (SSM).

The name of the shop was not revealed by the SSM. However, as stated by the bureau, the SSM conducted a joint investigation with the Macau Customs Service, having seized medicines from the shop, with the provenance of the medicinal products still unknown.

Meanwhile, the SSM has already penalized the shop, and Customs will file a complaint against the shop for the illegal importation of medicines.

The shop’s violation was reported by a local news outlet, which indicated that the bureau had been informed of the shop’s misconduct by a member of the public. 

In response to the news report, the health authority claimed that the bureau initiated an investigation immediately after it received the report.

“The SSM investigators had already initiated: a search for statistics; an analysis; and, an evaluation [right after the bureau] received the report. The SSM also immediately planned a joint inspection action with Customs. The relevant case has always been followed up on,” the bureau declared.

“The verification and investigation of the sales of medicines without a license on the market requires, in most cases, a thorough arrangement with the SSM also needing to articulate the actions with the customs department when necessary. The investigation is strictly confidential,” the bureau says in the statement.

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