Taste of Edesia

Showcasing Chinese Culinary Excellence

Chef Li Xiaolin

Dedicated to the inheritance and promotion of Chinese culture, MGM invited Li Xiaolin, the third-generation heir of the century-old Family Li Imperial Cuisine, a renowned traditional Manchu cuisine from the Qing Dynasty, to join hands with the Chef de Cuisine Homan Tsui from the Black Pearl Awarded Restaurant Imperial Court at MGM MACAU, to present an extraordinary culinary feast that combines the best of North and South.

The two master chefs showcased the essence of Chinese traditional cuisine with exquisite delicacies. Family Li Imperial Cuisine, beloved by celebrities and dignitaries from around the world, traces its history back to the reigns of the Tongzhi and Guangxu Emperors during the Qing Dynasty. The culinary heritage of the cuisine can be traced back to Li Xiaolin’s great-grandfather, who served as the Commander-in-Chief of the Palace Guard. It combines the essence of old Beijing cuisine and imperial delicacies. The Li family’s restaurant, founded by Li Xiaolin’s father in Beijing, inherits the imperial recipes and culinary skills of his great-grandfather and adheres to the cooking principles of “meticulousness, premium ingredients, and exquisite craftsmanship,” creating a legendary culinary experience from Beijing. 

The rich and layered flavours of Family Li Imperial Cuisine come from the delicate pursuit of ingredient quality and cooking techniques, while the Lingnan Cuisine at Imperial Court emphasizes seasonal ingredients and focuses on preserving the original flavors.

The starter, Fresh scallops mashed with green pea puree, comes with simple presentation, but truly displays the chef’s expertise. The peeled green peas and fresh scallops were stir-frying into smooth puree, resulting in a refreshing and aromatic texture. With it simple and green presentative, it comes with a beautiful name “Jade Scallops” in Chinese.

Chef Homan Tsui

Steamed Macau Sole with Xuanwei Ham and Fig Leaf features locally sourced Delta Bay Devon sole, accompanied by fresh fig leaves that are in season during the summer.

Steamed together with ham, it exudes a delightful and fragrant aroma. This four-hands collaboration combines and draws on the essence and techniques of both cuisines, paying tribute to the inheritance of traditional regional Chinese cuisines and culinary culture.

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