Sidónio Pais café victim of second crash in two months

The Public Security Police Force has confirmed to the Times that a rubbish collection truck crashed into an old cafeteria on Avenida de Sidónio Pais at around 3:40 a.m. yesterday morning.

The driver was a local resident approximately 60 years old. The driver was not injured and a test showed no traces of alcohol. Currently, the cause of the crash is suspected to be the driver failing to brake in time.

Another accident took place at the exact same location about two months ago. In the previous accident a tour bus crashed into the cafeteria. The façade of the cafeteria and the door of the bus were damaged. Some 40 passengers were trapped inside the bus for about an hour.

A similar incident occurred almost three years ago, in which a tour bus crashed into a clinic near the back entrance of Kiang Wu Hospital. In that incident, 29 were injured and three were left in a severe condition.

Meanwhile, lawmaker Agnes Lam has said that the government of South Korea has begun mandating the installation of automatic emergency braking systems and lane departure warning systems in all vehicles starting in January of this year. She raised the possibility of Macau following South Korea’s example.

The latter issues a warning when the vehicle goes out of its lane, and the former is an assistive brake system which is widely utilized in Japan, Russia and the EU. Staff reporter

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