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SJM launches 15th anniversary of responsible gambling promotions

SJM Resorts kicked off its 15th anniversary ceremony for promoting responsible gambling on 3 June at the Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau in collaboration with various Macau organizations dedicated to the cause. Attendees included Daisy Ho, managing director of SJM Resorts, and officials from bodies like the Social Welfare Bureau.

From June 3 to 5, an exhibition was held to highlight Macau’s gaming industry efforts to promote responsible behavior over the years. The launch included interactive games and workshops organized by problem gambling support centers.

“SJM is delighted to host the inaugural event and will sustain support through education and outreach,” said Ho.

SJM has worked for many years with the Yat On Responsible Gambling Counselling Centre, organizing campaigns for employees and community groups. It also partners with social services, universities and agencies using expertise to impart practices and assist those in need, complementing the Macau government’s efforts.

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