Sports | Qualification races for Macau GP start this weekend

Drivers and their machines are ready to start another season of the Macau Touring Car Series (MTCS), which kicks off this weekend at Guangdong International Circuit (GIC) in the city of Zhaoqing.

Part of the MTCS, the Macau racing festival is used as a qualifier for the Macau Grand Prix. The event will follow the same format as in previous years with four races being contested over two weekend events. The first event, which comprises races 1 and 2 is held from May 24 to 26 and the second will follow about a month later, from June 21 to 23 for races 3 and 4.

Drivers, organized in different categories according to the car class in which they are included, will battle for points that will determine if they are included in the racing program of the Macau GP in November.

The Macau Racing Festival will feature two racing categories, included under the umbrella of the MTCS – the AAMC Challenge 1600cc Turbo Class and the AAMC Challenge Above 1950cc Class. Like last year, the best 18 drivers in each category at MTCS will qualify to race at the Macau Grand Prix’s Macau Touring Car Cup.

As a novelty, the Festival will run the newly created Greater Bay GT Cup competition on the same weekends. The new competition is organized for GT4 specification vehicles and will be included in both the Macau and Hong Kong GT series calendar.

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